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Quote of the Day

Comedian Eddie Izzard has decided to pursue a second career. Unlike most middle-aged career-changers, he is moving down rather than sideways, in this case by choosing politics over comedy. Still, while he appears to be a more genuine and thoughtful individual than those sorry creatures of the mere poseur class of celebrity activist – albeit one with whose political opinions we have little in common – it is hard to escape the suspicion that a prominent role in the Labour Party is hardly likely to make it seem less urban, fashionable and even alien to most voters. This drift by the elite towards metropolitan modishness is nothing new: as Uncle Jack observed in 1762,

“You politicians of the town are so totally engaged in the transactions of the great world, that I suppose you will hardly think it worth while to take notice of any occurrences, however important, that happen amongst the obscure folks of the country.”

The North Briton, No. 29, December 18 1762.

They have some excellent social policies.

They have some excellent social policies.